Mastering the Art of Predicting Shillong Teer Common Numbers

Shillong Teer is a popular archery-based lottery game that is primarily played in Shillong, the capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya, and other parts of the northeastern region of India. “Teer” means “arrow” in the local Khasi language. This traditional game has a significant following in the region and has gained some popularity in other parts of India as well.

Here’s how the Shillong Teer game works:

  1. Archery Competition: Shillong Teer is essentially an archery competition held every day except Sundays. The competition takes place at a designated location, typically an open field.
  2. Two Rounds: The game consists of two rounds of archery:
    • Round 1 (First Shoot): In this round, archers shoot a predetermined number of arrows at a target known as the “Teer target.” The number of arrows shot can vary from day to day.
    • Round 2 (Second Shoot): After the first round, a second round of archery takes place with another set of arrows. The combined number of arrows shot in both rounds is used for the game’s results.
  3. Betting: Prior to the archery competition, participants place bets on the number of arrows that will hit the Teer target in each round. They predict a number, and the winning numbers are based on the total count of arrows that hit the target.
  4. Results: After the archery rounds, the results are declared by counting the total number of arrows that hit the target. The results are typically announced in the late afternoon.
  5. Winning Numbers: The game Shillong Teer Common Numbers has different categories of winning numbers, such as the “First Round” and “Second Round” results. Payouts are made based on the category and the bet amount.
  6. Legal Status: Shillong Teer is regulated by the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act, 1982, and is considered legal in the state of Meghalaya.

Shillong Teer is known for its unique and traditional format, and it has become a cultural attraction in the region. Many people participate in the game daily, and it is known for its distinctive way of determining winning numbers using archery skills. The game has also drawn tourists and enthusiasts who visit Shillong to witness or participate in Teer competitions.